Do you want to know more about the Sustainability Events of 2023? The year just started, but at we are already looking ahead to all the events that 2023 has to offer. This year is going to be packed with some interesting and noticeable sustainability events. Do you want to know which ones are worth going to? Then make sure to check out our complete list of sustainability events of 2023 below.

19th International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic & Social Sustainability

This conference is being held in Ljubljana, which is the capital of Slovenia. The event is organized by On Sustainability , together with the University of Ljubljana . A common concern for sustainability is the reason why the conference was set up. The goal is to create a global community across multiple disciplines that can help each other when it comes to solving problems regarding sustainability. There are four themes which all consist of multiple subjects. 

Date:  Wednesday, February 1 st , 2023 – Friday, February 3 rd , 2023

Location:  Ljubljana, Slovenia

GreenBiz 23


The  GreenBiz 23  conference is held in Scottsdale, Arizona. There will be more than 1600 professionals in the sustainability field who are going to inspire you to accelerate your career. As an attendee, you are able to listen to keynotes, as well as contribute to breakout sessions. All in all, it is a great place to network. The VP & Senior Analyst of the GreenBiz Group states that “GreenBiz is your annual reminder that we have the numbers, the might, the tools, and the mass market support to address the existential crisis we’re facing”.  Sounds promising, don’t you think? We sure think so and we highly recommend you  check out their website .

Date:  Tuesday, February 14 th , 2023 – Thursday, February 16 th , 2023

Location:  Scottsdale, AZ , USA

ICGIS 2023: International Conference on Green Industry and Sustainability

Next up, the  ICGIS  wants to bring scientists, researchers, and scholars together. The goal of this event is for them to share research results and experiences on matters that have to do with Green Industry and Sustainability. This event is rather interesting since it provides a platform for the attendees to talk about innovations and trends. The topics that will be spoken about include circular economy, waste, infrastructure, and many more. Also, the event is going to be virtual, and it costs €250 to attend.

Date:  Thursday, February 16 th , 2023 – Friday, February 17 th , 2023

Location:  London, United Kingdom

ESF Europe 2023

The 3 rd  annual ESF Europe is held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This event consists of two seminars and 75 speakers & panellists who share their thoughts on energy and sustainability. 2050 is the deadline Europe has set to become climate neutral. Oil and gas are important aspects to meet Europe’s energy needs. There are chances when it comes to re-industrialization. Decarbonising, while becoming energy-independent is the goal. Leaders in the industry will attend the conference to share their thoughts. Finally, make sure to check out the speakers, and the day-by-day Conference Agenda  on the official website. 

Date:  Monday, February 20 th , 2023 – Wednesday, February 22 nd , 2023

Location:  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

8 th  annual Sustainability Week

The goal of the  8th annual Sustainability Week  is to  “empower businesses to accelerate action on sustainability”. This event takes place in London, but it is also possible to attend it online. There will be more than 1000 and 4500 attendees respectively. There will be more than 30 case studies, as well as 300+ speakers, wow! This event is a great place to network and share ideas and thoughts on how to become sustainable faster. Lastly, make sure to take a look at  the agenda and the featured speakers  on the official website.

Date:  Wednesday, March 29 th , 2023 – Friday, March 31 st , 2023

Location:  London, United Kingdom

Pathways to Sustainability Conference

Organized by Utrecht University, the  Pathways to Sustainability Conference  (PtS) will take place on April 4 th . It is going to be held in TivoliVredenburg, which is a concert and event hall in the city of Utrecht. However, this conference is uniquely set up in a way that you enter the year 2060. The world is going to be completely different. Attendees are going to have the feeling that they entered an alternate reality. However, this could be the truth if we are not going to change. This is the message that the conference wants to portray. The goal is to understand the challenges that we face when it comes to sustainability in the future.

Date:  Tuesday, April 4 th , 2023

Location:  Utrecht, The Netherlands

Nordic Sustainability Expo 2023

The  Nordic Sustainability Expo  takes place in Stockholm, Sweden. The Expo focuses on improving business with sustainability in mind. Ministers, TED Talks speakers, and sustainability experts are going to attend the event. It is going to be interesting for businesses that are looking for ways to make their operations more sustainable. All in all, the main focus of this year’s event will be circular consumption and production, climate transition, and the social responsibility of companies and politicians. There are going to be more than 100 speakers and exhibitors, so make sure to check out the Nordic Sustainability Expo if you are interested!

Date:  Tuesday, May 9 th , 2023 – Wednesday, May 10 th , 2023

Location:  Stockholm, Sweden

European Sustainable Energy Week 2023


This year’s  European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) will be held in Brussels, Belgium. The focus of this year’s event will be energy policy, energy efficiency, and energy union. EUSEW is the largest event that has a focus on renewables and efficient energy use in Europe. Their focus is to organize activities that shed a light on how to create secure energy for Europe in the future. The theme of this year is “Accelerating the clean energy transition – towards lower bills and greater skills” . Last but not least, this event will consist of a policy conference, European Youth Energy Day , and the  EUSEW Awards . 

Date:  Tuesday, June 20 th , 2023 – Thursday, June 22 nd , 2023

Location:  Brussels, Belgium

ICSD 2023

The  International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD)  has come to life in order to understand the sustainability challenges we face. This year’s event is held in Rome, Italy. It is going to be the 11th time  the ICSD takes place. The theme of the conference is:  “Creating a unified foundation for Sustainable Development: research, practice, and education”. There are going to be three main topics: economic sustainability, environmental sustainability, and socio-cultural sustainability. The conference will provide a platform that allows researchers to share their ideas and findings on everything that is relevant to Sustainability Science.

Date:  Wednesday, September 6 th , 2023 – Thursday, September 7 th , 2023

Location:  Rome, Italy

SDG Summit 2023

Finally,  SDG Summit 2023  will be held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. SDG stands for  Sustainable Development Goals , which have been set up by the United Nations. These goals include no poverty, zero hunger, quality education, gender equality, and many more. Heads of State and Government are going to talk about these SDGs. How are the goals going to be met? What is the impact of crises facing the world? These are all questions that are going to be answered during this year’s summit. All in all, the goal is to achieve the SDGs by 2030, which is the target year.

Date:  Tuesday, September 19 th , 2023 – Wednesday, September 20 th , 2023

Location:  New York, NY, USA

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