Finding a suitable job in sustainability can be hard! Not because of a lack of companies or jobs in this field.

On the contrary.

In the past years (especially since the Covid Pandemic), the number of jobs in sustainability, climate tech, and the energy transition has grown exponentially.

The reason it can be hard to find a job in sustainability is that most companies only hire a few sustainability/climate/environmental positions.

Take, for example, multiple companies on our platform. Not every platform is mainly focused on climate change. But still, the company itself is looking to make the business more sustainable. In this case, the company can have over one hundred “regular employees,” but only one climate director, one climate strategist, and only one director of diversity.

Why this list of 250 companies in Sustainability?

In this article, we would like to help you find companies that hire different climate/sustainability roles or companies in climate/sustainability you have never heard of.

Climate Analytics | Berlin | Open Positions

B Corp Benelux

Cifal UNITAR Flanders



Zero Acre

Wilderness Torah

Climate Explorers

Cumbria Action for Sustainability

Wild Virginia



First Parish Dorchester

GS2 Partnership



Movement Strategy Center

N Brown Group

Paal Transport

Producers Direct

Quantron AG


Savannah Energy

Studio Junk

Suscom Media

Swap Society

the Green Recruitment Company

The Growth Company

Timely Recruit


University of East London

The Union of Concerned Scientists


CoW Protocol

TRC Companies

Triumvirate Environmental

Temple Group

AbroadGuru World


Terracon Ecotech Private Limited

Factory Farming Awareness Coalition

Slave Free Alliance & Hope for Justice

Green Roof Team LLC


WildEarth Guardians

Environmental Defense Fund

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

The Nature Conservancy


World Resources Institute

Sierra Club

The Climate Reality Project


Conservation International

National Wildlife Federation



Wildlife Conservation Society

Ocean Conservancy

United Nations Foundation

International Rescue Committee

Center for American Progress