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The world’s demand for coffee is growing and global warming often pushes plantations to move to new land. As the coffee plant can only grow in tropical areas, new plantations are often created at the expense of biodiversity-rich rainforests. At Northern Wonder we want to stop deforestation caused by expanding coffee plantations. While one should still be able to enjoy a cup of good coffee.

We will make an indistinguishable coffee imitation, using non-tropical ingredients. Getting there takes time and requires virtuous R&D, but it should be possible. As we move along towards our final goal of our indistinguishable coffee imitation, we already launch our bests coffee-like products. The sales of our first release will start later this year.

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During the internship you will focus on sustainability matters of our proposition. You will do research on the issue of ‘coffee related deforestation’. And you will work on making life cycle analysis (LCAs) of our coffee free coffee product made from non-tropical ingredients.

As we will start selling the product later this year, your findings will be input for our external communication / PR activities. So, we ask you to work towards fact-based, nuanced sustainability claims that are understandable for our consumers and other stakeholders. During the internship you will work on external communication on sustainability matters and on other topics (such as our R&D developments).


We are looking for a bachelor or master student (or recent graduate) with a background in sustainability matters and strong communications skills (or communications background and strong sustainability interest/knowledge). You understand how coffee is a driver of deforestation, but also realize that making bold statements is almost impossible, as there are so many aspects one could look at. You know what an LCA is and realize making assumptions for an LCA is both inevitable as well as complicated.

Furthermore: you have strong interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills both in Dutch and English. You really enjoy writing. You are independent, self-motivated & flexible. You are social media savvy. Great if you master Adobe illustrator (or equivalent) skills.


We’re looking for an intern to start September and commit to at least 4 days a week, for a period of 4 to 6 months. An decent internship allowance will be paid.

Lots of work can be done remote, but we ask you to work at least one to two days a week from our lab/office at the Wold Food Center (close to Ede-Wageningen station).

Send your resume and cover letter to before July 31st, 2022.

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