10 B Corporations You Should Get to Know

Since March is B Corporation month, we would like to introduce you to 10 B Corporations You Should Get to Know. We were eager to put together a diverse list of amazing B Corps, that includes companies from jeans manufacturers to sustainability consultants.

However, in this article, we only give you a brief introduction to all the companies, we highly recommend you to click on the link within the texts to learn more about these change makers. Without any further ado let’s get to know our top 10 B Corporations…


1. A Beautiful Story

Our first B Corporation in the list is A Beautiful Story. A jewellery and gift producer with a story behind all pieces.

They say:

“Back to the year 2006. A silver factory in Nepal is in trouble. No more customers. 12 jewellers face an uncertain future. It won’t let Cathelijne go. She worked in Nepal as a volunteer and knows all these guys personally. Her job in marketing at Sara Lee Douwe Egberts is nice but something is missing. Until one day she realizes “If I can sell coffee, I should be able to sell jewellery too”. And she makes a life-altering decision. 

We sell jewellery and gifts that bring you luck. We call them lucky tools. From a card to offer comfort to a bracelet to celebrate friendship. All our items have a story. For the giver because your gift really tells something. For our makers because through their craftsmanship, they can build a life. Your purchase in our webshop or through one of our retailers means employment opportunities in places where it’s very much needed.”

Click here to read more about their story and the magic they do with these unique pieces.

2. Dopper Bottles

We are sure you all saw these uniquely shaped bottles. This is Dopper. A company that managed to become one of the symbols of the Dutch lifestyle, however, did you know that they are also B Corporation certified? Dopper is the very first Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold bottle collection in the world.

They say:

“The certification is proof that from design to end of life, your ocean-saving bottle meets the toughest environmental and ethical standards. Made of 70% plant-based materials, 15% recycled plastic waste and produced in a factory that runs on 100% renewable energy, making its carbon footprint zero. A production process without any water waste, webshop delivery by bicycle in the Netherlands, and a takeback program at end of life allow you to make a positive impact only. 100% recyclable, it’s ready for a circular economy in nothing is made to waste and materials are reused forever.”

Click here to learn more about these super cool and super sustainable bottles. Do you have your own Dopper already? No? Then click here to buy your first Dopper and be part of the change for a greener future!

3. Eko Menu

This lovely company provides you with a personalized healthy food coaching program, while taking care of the planet.

They say:

“We believe that every person is different and that everyone has the right to a healthy lifestyle and access to a sustainable food system. Yet 50% of people have difficulty making healthy food choices. Ekomenu realizes an impact on human health and the environment. It is our ambition to halve the hidden health and environmental costs resulting from our diet. And that works.

By getting people into a healthy routine with the Ekomenu food coaching program, with or without food boxes. Well in line with the wishes and activities of, for example, companies or health professionals. Developed together with TNO, Zilveren Kruis and Diabetes Fund.”

Click here and learn more about this delicious alternative to a healthy and sustainable diet.

4. Better Future

Do you feel like your company needs a little push to reach the next step to sustainability? Better Future is here to help! Along with many other services, their goal is to guide companies towards a planet-friendly direction.

They say:

“We believe businesses have the power to make a positive change for people and the planet. It requires transforming into sustainable and inclusive businesses. We help you to take the first concrete steps. Together we identify the opportunities to integrate Sustainable Development Goals and Environment Sustainable Governance criteria into your strategies and day-to-day leadership. We help you grow while making a lasting impact. Tangible and personal.

Lead a profitable business while making a positive impact on people and the planet. That’s what every business leader must take care of today.”

Click here to get to know Better Future and the change-maker work they do.

5. Moyee Coffee

Do you want your cup of “daily fuel” to be more sustainable? Then get to know Moyee!

They say:

The roasting and packaging take place in Ethiopia and Kenya, we sell the coffee and the value is neatly shared. A fair relationship between producers and consumers. This simple shift in the coffee chain is radically and positively improving the lives of millions of people.

But!! We do not burn everything in the country of origin. Why?

  • We work from the market and only when a flavour has sufficient volume can we move it. For example, we made a huge leap by moving our Triple, which was developed in the Netherlands, to Kenya.
  • We have the shortest chain. Only we sit between the jack and the cup. But yes, a container can sometimes be on the road a little longer or be stuck. Then we roast in the Netherlands to ensure that everyone can continue to enjoy our radically delicious coffee
  • In our original plan we thought we could burn a maximum of 70% in the country of origin, but last year we ended up with 84% Yesss
  • The packaging says roast and packed in the country of origin. That is therefore not entirely correct for a small %, but we do not know how to do it differently without all sorts of extra hassle with multiple types of labels. And because we are 100% transparent and also mention the FairChain % in our impact report and on the website, we think you are ok with that. If not let us know!”

Click here to learn more about Moyee and the way they make coffee more sustainable.

6. Waka Waka

Is the word Waka Waka familiar to you? That’s not a coincidence. Waka Waka was born in 2010, the same year when Shakira was singing the song Waka Waka as the anthem of the World Cup. Although, the word can mean many things, in the Swahili translation it goes for “shine bright”.

Waka Waka provides you with solar-powered light, that can be charged anywhere, since you know… it’s solar-powered.

They say:

We see access to sustainable energy as a basic human right. Not a luxury, or nice-to-have. Not something for the future; something for now. A straight-up pre-condition for development. Because access to electric light and power means access to education, communication, income-generating opportunities, self-belief, to a better future.

The sun is the world’s greatest natural energy resource. It’s abundant, it’s sustainable, and it’s available everywhere. It’s the solution for everyone who needs power but doesn’t have access to electricity. So let’s use it.”

Click here to get to know more about Waka Waka and also to purchase your first solar-powered lamp.

7. Mud Jeans

Be fashionable! Be sustainable! But how both, you might ask. Mud Jeans will show you that it’s possible!

They say:

“It all started in 2012 when Bert van Son founded MUD Jeans. With over 30 years of experience in the fashion industry, he has seen it all. He witnessed that life for factory workers is extremely demanding and that the endless demands for material, due to exploded production, are ruining our planet. He wanted to do things differently.

Today, MUD Jeans has become an exemplary circular fashion company, one of the world’s first B Corps, pioneering the Lease a jeans model since 2013 and consistently putting the circular economy principles into practice.

Why jeans? Well, jeans are one of the most polluting items in fashion. Using 7.000 litres of water and nasty chemicals. With over 1 billion jeans being sold yearly, the impact of recycling jeans and using organic cotton can be huge.”

Click here to learn more about Mud Jeans and to buy your first pair of sustainable jeans!

8. Snapp Car

Car sharing is one of the best solution if sometimes you want to travel by car but yet you want to remain sustainable. Snapp Car is an amazing option for you to do so.

They say:

We stand for smarter mobility through car sharing. For the benefit of our planet, our society and for you. The bar has been set high: we are aiming for a world with half the number of cars. We are a car sharing company. Why do we focus on cars? Cars symbolize freedom. To come and go wherever and whenever you want. Without a fixed route or schedule. Without having to wait for anyone or sit next to strangers. We understand the love for cars and the freedom they represent. But we simply have too much of it.

And that means that we unnecessarily waste money, living space and scarce raw materials. You can safely say that we need to be smarter about this. Because the way we currently use cars is needlessly inefficient.

Why is that? Unfortunately, the prevailing belief is still that you have to own a car to drive it. The result of that reasoning is that, in Europe, millions of cars are stationary for 23 hours a day. On the street, in garages, and in our driveways.

If we shared our cars with our neighbours and friends, driving would become cheaper and socially rewarding. And above all: we are taking a giant step towards a more sustainable way of life while preserving freedom and a better environment.”

Click here to learn more about Snapp Car and rent your shared vehicle for a better future!

9. Schuttelaar & Partners

An agency for a healthier future.

They say:

“Schuttelaar & Partners focuses on a sustainable and healthy future. For more than 25 years we have been working with our customers to realize this and we have achieved a lot. 

We focus on making our agri-food system healthier and more sustainable and realizing a vital society in which the quality of life is paramount. A healthy lifestyle in all phases of life is essential. We are committed to changing food production so that a growing population can be fed without exhausting the earth. And we encourage consumers to make sustainable and healthy food choices a matter of course. In addition, we are fully committed to accelerating the energy transition.

We work with multidisciplinary teams on our 4 main themes. The teams consist of content-driven consultants, communication and public affairs advisors, designers and digital developers. Passionate professionals like to work for us. Specialists who link their knowledge and thinking skills to our ideal of actually contributing to a healthier and more sustainable planet.”

Click here to get to know more about Schuttelaar & Partners

10. de Krat.nl

We all love a delicious healthy meal. However, just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean it’s also sustainable. de Krat.nl eliminates this issue by providing you with a fresh meal box full of delicious and sustainable products.

They say:

Letting people eat sustainable, really tasty and healthy food, that’s what we do it for. Together we contribute to a fair food chain and a healthier society. Healthy meals bursting with flavour? With the easy-to-prepare recipes developed by our professionals, you can get it done every week. You can count on this: a fair price for the makers we work with, no waste thanks to smart purchasing and donating what remains to foundations, and reusable and recyclable packaging.

  • We pay the farmers and makers we work with a fair price and do business directly as much as possible.
  • We come up with the most delicious recipes, do the shopping for you and deliver our sustainable meal box to your home, including a recipe booklet.
  • The Crate also buys misfits or crops that have been slightly damaged by hail but are otherwise perfectly fine.
  • All packaging materials we use are made from recycled or reusable raw materials.
  • We are happy to inspire you with surprising flavours and innovative preparations to make fresh cooking easier every day.”

Click here and get to know more about de Krat and the amazing work they do. Also if you are on their website already don’t forget to order your meal box!

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