5 deliciously sustainable companies at BlueCity Rotterdam

We all like to grab a bite here and there. But why couldn’t that bite be sustainable? The food industry has unlimited opportunities towards sustainability. Here are 7 deliciously sustainable companies located at Blue City Rotterdam.


Are you craving something delicious, healthy and sustainable? Hop on your bike and Visit Aloha Low Waste Foodbar.

“Everything starts with purchasing high-quality and unprocessed seasonal products from farmers in the area. Employees are trained to learn how to process the entire product and to store or preserve any residual waste for later use. The cooking style is balanced, nutritious, contemporary, exciting and vegetable-driven, but Aloha is convinced that locally caught fish and meat dishes also belong on the menu. In all cases, the menu represents the best of the season, the craft and the environment of the restaurant.”

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Bay Leaf Vegan Foods

As a vegan wholesale company Bay Leaf aims to become an intermediate between restaurants and vegans as well as vegetarians. The company provides a delicious plant-based substitute for meat products, seeking to reduce meat consumption as well as to positively improve the environment and animal welfare.

“A more plant-based diet can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, soil pollution and water consumption. As a vegan wholesale company, we like to play an active role in contributing to this. We build bridges between the restaurant industry, vegans and vegetarians, as well as the growing number of people who want to skip meat once in a while. In addition to our own production of meat substitutes, our range includes additional vegan products that make it easier to put plant-based dishes on the menu.”

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The first and most important rule of circularity is to create value from waste. That’s what inspired SavFood as well. Their key element is potato peel. By turning this unneeded waste back into a fully usable product ingredient, SavFood accomplished creating the world’s first ingredient product from potato peel waste.

“Our impact on waste reduction, value creation and the environment can be significant. We have clearly demonstrated the functionality of our products and the multiple products we have developed from the same stream. Our focus is on producing clean-label and chemical-free functional food ingredients from side streams of the food processing industry. The need of the market for sustainable, clean labels and healthier ingredients and products has provided validation of our proof of concept.”

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Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN)

“The Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN) is the place for young people with a passion for what’s on their plate.” Do you want to know about what goes on your plate? Are you committed to healthy, sustainable and fair food production? Then you must check out SFYN. This network organizes annual educational programs called SFYN Academy, on the menu days and trips both in the Netherlands and abroad in order to spread knowledge about the sustainable food industry.

“SFYN offers young people (18-35 years old) the knowledge, network and motivation they need to make changes themselves. We do this through our programs such as the SFYN Academy and ‘Op het Menu’, campaigns and other initiatives.”

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Falafval is the future of sustainable falafel. By creating falafel only from vegetable waste streams Falafval revolutionized the falafel industry.

“By using residual flows, FALAFVAL saves valuable raw materials and resources, and we give food producers a fair price for vegetables that taste just as good as those in the supermarket. We also process these residual flows at a high level, because we focus on waste prevention and make products for human consumption instead of for livestock farming or compost heap, where fruit and vegetables often end up. In short, we really get everything out of these products. FALAFVAL is therefore not just a tasty snack. We want to show everyone in the food chain that things can be done differently. We can all make more sustainable choices without compromising on quality, taste or experience. These sustainable choices contribute to a world without waste and a better distribution of food resources.”

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