5 Skills that are in High Demand at Climate Tech Companies

In this article, we will take a look at the 5 skills that are in high demand at Climate Tech companies, that will make your resume strike out to employers!

Many countries around the world have been shifting away from carbon-emitting practices to cleaner, greener and sustainable sources of energy for many decades. However, it’s only been in recent years that countries have really been striving for green change that focuses on the three pillars of economic, social and environmental transformation.

Naturally, this has resulted in an increase in the volume of jobs created in the green sector. In 2021, in the US alone there was a total of 3,048,603 jobs in clean energy, 492,891 jobs in renewable energy, and 137,872 jobs in grid & storage.

These figures are expected to rise in the coming years. Switching to a green economy does require a workforce with the right skills. As there is a high demand for jobs in the green sector, there is also a deficit of green skills. That is why it is important to gain the right skills to secure a satisfying and rewarding role in a climate tech company. If you are interested in the hottest start-up climate tech companies, read our previous article here!

So let’s get to it and find out how to make your resume complete with 5 top skills!

1. STEM Background

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Having an education in STEM is particularly convenient when entering the climate tech world as there are direct and transferable skills. In fact, many achievements in the green sector are gained through people in the STEM field. Although accommodating a STEM background is highly beneficial for certain roles, not having one isn’t going to impede your chances of landing a job at a climate tech company.

2. Social Awareness

Top-performing companies are excelling because of their employees who adopt a deep understanding of social responsibility and are conscious of their impact throughout the course of their work. It’s one thing to think sustainably and another to perform sustainably. Employers can get a sense of your social awareness by your performance at work.

3. Project Management

Project management tests your ability to achieve specific project objectives within agreed parameters (and often a tight budget). In the climate tech sector, where resources are scarce and there are higher levels of risk, having a strong background in project management with achievements in challenging situations will often serve as an asset to companies.

4. Data Analysis

Data analysis is another key skill to have because a company that collects a lot of data but doesn’t know how to interpret the data is unproductive. In the climate tech sector, things are continuously changing, and we are finding solutions in areas we haven’t looked into before. This requires a lot of analytical and logical skills to translate data into knowledge we understand and can use to aid decision-making and move forward to abolishing outdated ways of generating energy.

5. Problem-Solving

Climate tech companies are looking for candidates who are ready to take on challenges. Candidates who present themselves as innovative and continuously broaden their intellectual curiosity will undoubtedly stand out from the rest. It also shows that you know how to handle stress and tackle real-life problems.



Here are some more valuable skills!


6. Basic Skills

The most in-demand skills within the energy sector are classified as basic skills. The top five for the sector include active listening, critical thinking, speaking, reading comprehension, and monitoring. These are skills that you most likely already possess, and luckily these are the skills that climate tech companies seek.

7. Communication

Being able to communicate sounds very easy in theory but in practice, it can be a struggle for some. Good communication allows you to communicate with your coworkers, stakeholders, board members, and maybe even people from other cultures. This is because there are high levels of collaboration within the climate tech sector and working with other teams is almost unavoidable.

8. Motivation & Perseverance

In order to set yourself apart from other candidates, it’s vital to demonstrate your motivation and perseverance through your passion for the industry. Employers want to see if you have the internal motivation and get the work done. Especially if you faced some obstacles along the way but still achieved your goal. Your willingness will translate and it will look very impressive to hiring managers.

While these are the top 5 skills that can be very favourable for someone seeking employment in the climate tech sector, this is not a definitive list! The climate tech industry needs administrative employees, marketers, business operations specialists, legal experts, sales professionals, and so much more. With countless opportunities available, the challenge isn’t how to land a career in climate tech, but choosing the right position that best suits you and your skills.

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