5 Sustainability Startups within the Netherlands to look for in 2023

In this article, we introduce you to 5 incredible Sustainability Startups within the Netherlands to look for in 2023. As one of the top 5 innovation leaders in Europe, the Netherlands is the perfect place for startups. Because its globally competitive talent pool and sources of startup incubators that are ready to support. So then without any further ado, let’s see these 5 Sustainability Startups:

1. Dayrize

Dayrize is the global leader in rapid impact assessment of consumer products. The company states:

Dayrize makes it easier for businesses and consumers to better understand the impact and bring consumption within planetary boundaries.

Current product impact assessments are complex, expensive and time-consuming, making them inaccessible for small businesses and not scalable for larger corporates. So we decided to solve this and make impact assessment accessible for all businesses by pulling together a team of the world’s best environmental scientists, industrial ecologists, and technology experts. 

The result is we’ve created the most advanced impact measurement technology that provides impact transparency throughout the entire production process, making it easy for both consumers and businesses to understand and ultimately reduce their environmental and social impact.”

2. iTapToo

iTapToo makes packaging-free hydration accessible to everyone! “From now on you can refill your own bottle or glass with a delicious and healthy alternative to regular soda’s from the iTapToo machines. Good for your body and our planet.”

They say: “At the end of 2019, frustration was turned into a solution; something must be done against all PET bottles in work and school environments. So much unnecessary transport of drinks by road, and so much disposable plastic in waste bins while everyone is walking around with a reusable bottle!

An iTapToo refill point has room for 6 different flavours. Each flavour from our unique drink range is divided into three levels of intensity so that everyone can adjust the taste to their own liking. We are constantly innovating with new flavours so there is always something new to enjoy!” 

Click here to learn more about iTapToo.

3. Orbisk

Orbisk helps professional kitchens get a grip on their food waste.

We measure and automatically recognize what kind of food is thrown away, in what quantity, and at what time of the day. They say:

Orbisk is a start-up on a mission to make the world’s food system more sustainable.We do this, by using progressive and innovative technology to tackle one of today’s biggest challenges: food waste. Our solution provides hospitality organizations with a complete insight into their food waste and helps them cut it in half.

For this, we make maximum use of recent developments in computer vision and AI. Our smart camera on top of the waste bin, connected to a scale, will automatically register all food thrown away up to the ingredient level.”

Click here to get to know more Orbisk.

4. Greener Power Solutions

Greener was founded in January 2018 to make an impact on the CO2 footprint of on- and off-grid energy markets, using mobile batteries and smart energy planning.

They say:

The idea of bringing mobile battery systems to events emerged in 2014 after a backstage visit to one of the biggest festivals in The Netherlands. We were shocked to discover how little thought had gone into accurately and efficiently planning the power supply of equipment such as lights, audio and food trucks.

And as we looked further, we saw the same lack of planning for energy efficiency in other areas like construction sites and grid maintenance. Instead, all we could see was unnecessarily massive equipment running at very low-efficiency rates. This had to be changed because Greener is always better!”

To learn more about Greener click here.

5. Fork Ranger

Fork Ranger aims to solve climate change with food.

They say: “We translate climate science into stories and recipes so everyone can be part of the solution. Our mission is to use food as starting domino for systematic change.

Doing something about climate change often feels like missing out on the good life. It’s time to build a better version of the good life;  one that has a purpose and protects vulnerable people, plants and animals. It’s time to ‘bring balance to the forks’.

Food is the best place to start because it’s a delicious and cheap solution we can use every day. We’re going to celebrate veggies and restore meat as a luxury for the weekend.

Click here to get to know more about Fork Ranger.

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