Sustainability Jobs

    Are you looking for a job in the field of sustainability, such as positions in climate technology, environmental protection, clean energy, nature conservation, or diversity and inclusion? If so, we invite you to sign up for job alerts or check out all the sustainability job listings on

    What Are Sustainability Jobs?

    In today’s world, there is a growing number of job opportunities related to sustainability. focuses on positions that have a positive impact on society, nature, and the planet. Consider roles in companies, institutions, or government organizations, including:

    • Sustainability consultant
    • Sustainability manager
    • Chief Sustainability Officer
    • Environmental engineering positions
    • Environmental scientist
    • Climate Fellowships

    We welcome not only roles with fancy titles but also more traditional positions on our platform. This could be a small agency dedicated to fighting climate change in need of an administrative assistant or a government agency specializing in nature conservation searching for a recruiter. As long as the company or the position contributes to a positive impact, your job posting is welcome on our platform.

    About was established during the 2021 lockdowns in the Netherlands. In the preceding year, 2020, it became increasingly evident that the world needed a post-Covid change. Governments in Europe and the USA became more actively involved in openly supporting the fight against climate change during the lockdowns, recognizing the effects of their policies on the climate and planet’s sustainability. This led to a significant increase in people seeking jobs in sustainability, not only in the Netherlands but also in the rest of Europe, the USA, and Canada.

    To assist job seekers in finding suitable positions in sustainability, we launched in April 2021. We initiated it as a side project, just to gauge the response. We started with a simple WordPress website (which we still use today), a basic design, and a straightforward way to post jobs for free. Job postings started to appear in May 2021, just a month after the launch. During its first year, was free for companies searching for new candidates.

    In the initial eight to twelve months, we received approximately 500 unique job postings from around 85 different organizations in the Netherlands. These organizations included B Corps, Dutch municipalities, brands, and even fossil fuel companies looking to change their policies.

    We then focused on improving SEO and increasing our social media following. Initially, we concentrated on Instagram, but we gradually gained more followers on LinkedIn as well. At the time of writing, LinkedIn is the second largest source of unique traffic to our job boards, following organic Google search traffic.

    In 2022, we acquired the domain name from a company in the USA. At that point, we were already making plans to expand the network and job board internationally. As of now, we still consider the network as a side project, similar to how we began with Our ambition is to build into the largest international platform for jobs and careers in sustainability.

    Why Post on This Platform?

    If you are a company based in the Netherlands or Belgium and have sustainability roles within your team, it is essential to post these positions on our network. For international companies, we recommend posting a freemium job in our international network.