Dutch Companies with a Sustainable Purpose

Meet our newest list of Dutch companies with a sustainable purpose in mind. Within this article, we have listed 5 outstanding Dutch companies that dedicated their work to sustainability. 


An architectural design company that thinks green. Through each project of FABRICations, the company seeks to contribute to sustainable spatial development. By providing not only architectural and urban plan designs, FABRICations also involves itself in resilient city development.

They say:

“Because the economy of the future is driven less by industrial production and more by knowledge development and innovative creative processes, living, working and recreation in separated and designated zones is no longer an option. An economy that’s driven more and more by knowledge development thrives in mixed environments with a rich variety of activities in a high-quality and robust environment.

On a more global scale, we are faced with increasingly more complex issues that can no longer be answered with one-liners, and that require cultural actions in addition to technical answers. This certainly also applies in architecture. Designs will no longer be judged solely based on aesthetic qualities, as they are at the same time sustainable solutions for spatial issues. This implies that we have to connect urban agendas of the future with concrete tasks to create new opportunities; opportunities that we seize with both hands.”

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Since upcycling is such a hot topic in the circular industry, let us introduce you to B!KEFLip. A company that works hard to upcycle children’s bikes. Read below what they say:

“The upcycling of children’s bicycles is necessary, because on average children only use a bicycle for a year: then they have grown too big and the bicycle is too small. Then the bicycle is often left to rust away. In the Netherlands alone, millions of bicycles are left in sheds and municipal depots. A shame in our opinion. That is why we came up with a simple but innovative idea: a subscription to a circular children’s bicycle with an exchange and repair service at home. A lease bicycle for children, but sustainable. That’s BikeFlip.

Super Sola

One of the most commonly used sustainable energy sources is solar power. Super Sola introduces you to their amazing solar panels with fully customizable options. Let’s check out who they are:

“We live in a time where energy needs to change. From fossil to sustainable and from large companies to self-generation. But dependence on energy companies makes change difficult.  If we really want to become more sustainable, we have to do it ourselves. And we can do this ourselves. We trade dependence for freedom. 

We want you to be able to decide for yourself about your own energy… Our solar panel is a ready-made product. This makes the self-generation of solar energy accessible and simple.

  • This way you can connect it yourself and you are no longer dependent on an installer.
  • Generate your energy completely independently.
  • And you are 100% sure that your energy is sustainable.

This is how we will change our society and make it more sustainable. 


Fully circular neighbourhood, this is what SPACE & MATTER specialised for. Their incredible achievements include to implementation of a never seen before innovation, the Floating Neighbourhoods. This is what they say:

“At Space&Matter, we believe that the most significant changes come from people and communities in particular. That’s why people are at the heart of everything we do. We co-create strategies, buildings and neighbourhoods with end-users to build strong and fair cities. Neighbourhoods are our preferred units of change because they’re the place where sustainability meets human experience. As waterfront experts, we’re especially excited about exploring buoyant solutions that provide resilience in the face of climate change.”


We all like some nice and innovative heating and cooling solutions. However, most of them are not so sustainable. This is where Magneto changes the game. By introducing efficient heating and cooling without greenhouse gas emissions, Magneto gives you comfort without running our planet.

Here is what they say:

“At Magneto, we believe that we don’t have to sacrifice our planet for our comfort or vice versa. Current heating and cooling are some of the biggest producers of greenhouse gas emissions. Our technology offers an alternative to producers of appliances for cooling and heating as well as waste heat to power conversion. An alternative that has zero greenhouse gas emissions, saves up to 30% of power consumption to their clients and has a lower cost of ownership.”

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