Happy Earth Day 2022

What exactly is Earth Day? Earth Day is an annual event held on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. The first Earth day was held on April 22 1970, which set the tone for a lifelong movement. Now Earth day is being celebrated globally by more than 1 billion people across 193 countries which is coordinated by ErathDay.org

Curious to know the themes from the past? Take a look below!

  • 2021 – Restore Our Earth : focused on natural processes, emerging green technologies and innovative thinking to restore the world’s ecosystems.
  • 2020 – Climate Action : depicted the challenges of the ongoing climate crisis and urged people to take action against climate change.
  • 2019 – Protect Our Species : highlighted the ways in which human activities played a major role in the destruction of species and their homes.
  • 2018 – End Plastic Pollution : illustrated the severity of the plastic problem and how it impacted the environment and human health.
  • 2017 – Environmental and Climate Literacy : brought attention to the dire need that environmental and climate literacy needs to be taught, to ensure that the next generation can implement policies and advance towards a greener future.
  • 2016 – Trees for the Earth! : focused on the millions of trees being destroyed for human needs. The goal is to plant 7.8 billion trees by 2020.
  • 2015 – It’s Our Turn to Lead : demanded commitment from businesses, governments, activists, and citizens to protect the environment.
  • 2014 – Green Cities : called for cities to have better public transportation systems to ensure that they are accessible and to restore the Earth’s green colours.
  • 2013 – The Face of Climate Change : aimed to display the real-life harsh truths of how the climate crisis is slowly changing the Earth.
  • 2012 – Mobilize the Earth : highlighted that every single person should be responsible for protecting the Earth, together we are stronger.

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  • 2011 – Clear the Air : invited people to take a step towards cleaner and greener air by reverting from activities that produce air pollution.
  • 2010 – A Billion Acts of Green : emphasized that even small sustainable changes will contribute to a bigger change of protecting the planet.
  • 2009 – How Do You Get Around : put people into thinking about how they can find ways to reduce the effects of climate change.
  • 2008 – Trees Please : urged people to protect trees as they were rapidly decreasing.
  • 2007 – Be Kind to the Earth : explained how the Earth offers us a lot but we need to give back to Earth and be more careful in the way that we use natural resources which are scarce.
  • 2006 – Science and Faith : pointed out how people need to have more faith in science and take the climate change readings more seriously by trusting in more sustainable practices.
  • 2005 – Healthy Environment for Children : aimed to inspire everyone to protect the planet to ensure that the other generations can thrive.

Invest In Our Planet ????

Each year there is a different theme that highlights the ongoing issues, this year the theme is “ Invest In Our Planet ”. #InvestInOurPlanet is a worldwide calling for businesses, governments, and citizens to say that there is no better time than NOW to take action to change the business climate, and the political climate to move forward towards a prosperous future. Everyone has a role in preserving and protecting our health in symbiosis with the planet. It’s time that everyone is accounted for their actions!

Like natural resources, time is scarce. But with the right approach and solutions, we can make do with the time we have and revert the climate crisis.

What do you want? Scroll down to find information about activities, events and things you can do as an individual to make a difference (every day).

Want to make a contribution on Earth Day? Here’s how you can do your part!

  1. Participate in a beach clean
  2. Plant a tree
  3. Buy a bag for life – no more single-use plastic bags!
  4. Refrain from eating meat
  5. Walk or ride a bike (more frequently)
  6. Use public transportation
  7. Give up chewing gum!
  8. Shop locally eg at the farmer’s market
  9. Buy a reusable water bottle
  10. Stop using plastic straws
  11. Switch all of your bills to paperless
  12. Start a compost in your garden
  13. Spread the word!

This list could go on and on! Let us know what activity you recommend that others should do for Earth Day

Events happening on Earth Day 2022

Birmingham, ALEarth Day at the Gardens4/23/2210:00-14:00Free
Anchorage, AKEarth Day Community Plant Swap4/22/2214:30-17:00$5
Sedona, AZEarth Day Celebration at Red Rock State Park4/24/2210:00-14:00$4
Fountain Hills, AZReCyle ReCreate Earth Day Celebration4/22/2217:00-19:00Free
Fayetteville, AREarth Day Festival4/24/2213:00-17:00$10
San Francisco, CAEarth Day San Francisco4/23/2211:00-19:00Free
San DiegoEarth Fair 20224/24/2210:00-17:00Free
Longmont, COEarth Day Celebration4/23/2210:00-15:00Free
Hamden, CTHamden Earth Day4/23/2210:00-15:00Free
Dover, DEDrive Electric Earth Day4/23/2216:00-19:00Free
Miami, FLMiami Beach Clean Up4/23/2209:00-12:00Free
Orlando, FLCentral Florida Earth Day4/23/2210:00-18:00Free
Atlanta, GAEarth Day4/22/2210:00-12:00Free
Honolulu, HIEarth Day 5K4/23/2209:00-12:00$16
Driggs, IDTeton Valley Earth Day Celebration4/22/2216:00-19:00Free
Springfield, ILEarth Awareness Fair4/23/2211:00-16:00Free
Indianapolis, INEarth Day Indiana Festival6/4/2211:00-17:00Free

Clear Lake, IA

Outdoor Fest4/21/22-4/23/2209:00-19:00Free
Gardner, K.SEarth Day & Arbor Day Celebration4/23/2210:00 a.mFree
Louisville, KYParty for the Plant4/24/2210:00-17:00$8.25
New Orleans, LAThe Recycling Challenge4/22/22-4/23/2209:00-17:00$10
Windsor Mill, MDEarth Day Celebration4/23/2210:00-13:00Free
Framingham, MAFramingham Earth Day Festival4/23/2211:00-15:00Free
Royal Oak, MIClimate March, Rally, & Fair4/23/2210:00-13:00Free
Minneapolis, MNCelebrate Earth Day4/22/224:00 PM-6:00 PMFree
Summit, MS2022 Earth Day Fest4/23/2209:00-15:00Free
Columbia, MOColumbia Area Earth Day Festival4/24/2212:00-19:00Free
Missoula, MTInvest In Our Planet4/23/2214:00-18:00Free
Omaha, NEEarth Day Omaha4/23/2211:00-18:00Free
Las Vegas, NVEarth Day Festival and Plant Sale4/23/2210:00-16:00$10
Auburn, NHEarth Day Celebration4/23/2210:00-16:00$10-15
Egg Harbor Township, NJACUA Earth Day4/24/2210:00-16:00Free
Taos, N.MEarth Day Festival4/22/22-4/23/2210:00-19:00Free
Raleigh, N.CEarth Day 20224/22/2218:00-22:00Free
Bismarck, N.DEarth Day Festival4/26/2216:00-19:00Free
Columbus, OHEarth Day Columbus4/23/2212:00-19:00Free
Norman okayEarth Day Festival 4/24/2212:00-17:00Free

Bend, OR

Earth Day Fair & Parade4/23/2209:00-12:00Free
Haverford, PAEarth Day Celebration4/23/22TBDTBD
Philadelphia, PAOffice of Sustainability’s Earth Day Event4/22/2217:00-19:00Free
Wayne, PAPark Stewardship for Earth Day4/23/2209:00-10:30Free
Newport County, RIAquadneck Island Earth Week4/16/22-4/26/22multiple timesFree
Sumter, SCEarth Day Celebration4/23/2207:30-12:00Free
Pierre, SDGood Earth Day4/23/2214:00-16:00Free
Nashville, TNNashville Earth Day4/23/2211:00-18:00Free
Austin, TXEarth Day Austin4/23/2212:00-18:00Free
Quechee, VTVINS Earth Day 20224/23/2210:00-17:00$17.50
Alexandria, VAAlexandria Earth Month CelebrationMonth of Aprilmultiple timesVarieties by event
Edmonds, WAEarth Day Marina Beach Park Clean Up4/23/2210:00-12:00Free
Morgantown, WVEarth Day Celebration4/22/2211:00-15:00Free
Madison, WIEarth Day Challenge4/23/2210:00-12:00Free
Casper, WYEarth Day4/22/2209:30-16:00Free

Let us know how you celebrated Earth Day by commenting down below and don’t forget to include #InvestInOurPlanet! Have a great Earth Day 2022!

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