Examples of Sustainable jobs

Examples of Sustainable jobs.

Examples of Sustainable jobs, we show where you can work and show 5 current vacancies on sustainablejobs.nl .

Sustainable professions and current vacancies such as for organic farmers or bakers appeal to the imagination. Current vacancies for these sustainable gems are scarce. In this blog we look at the following 4 sustainable professions: carpenter, forester, working at height and organic baker.

There are many sustainable vacancies that make a meaningful contribution to making our world more sustainable. You can use your qualities in unexpected places and that is why we searched our database and found 5 nice vacancies.

Sustainable professions and current vacancies.

The durable carpenter.

A profession that you can learn at a Sustainable MBO course. The training as a sustainable carpenter teaches you both circular construction and sustainable working. Of course, in addition to all the skills you should be able to as a carpenter. 

If you start working circularly and sustainably, it seems that you need the carpenter less. Nevertheless, the carpenter will play a major role. The carpenter learns skills for building cross laminated timber (CLT) and making joints that can be reassembled. 

An example of a CLT building is the tallest wooden building in the world and is located in Norway. The Mjøstårnet in Brumunddal is one such example in which the sustainable carpenter plays a leading role.

The sustainable profession of carpenter is an extensive field with great opportunities for vacancies. Circular construction is in full swing. If you are interested in sustainability and circularity then Carpenter is for you. Provided you are handy of course.

2) Occupations in nature management

Sustainable professions that appeal to the imagination are professions in nature conservation. Sustainable nature management vacancies are hard to find. You have to look hard for it. The right education and passion for working outside are qualities that will help you move forward.

First, an example of possibilities if your current education does not match. Staatsbosbeheer has 10 paid training places for MBO 3 or 4 every year. So you can become a forest ranger! How fat is that? There you will learn everything about flora & fauna, ecology and nature management. The next registration for the course will open in mid-March 2023. 

Read more about it or register directly for the upcoming training in 2023.

Sustainable vacancies for professions in nature management can also be found at NGOs such as Natuurmonumenten or the National Green Fund.

The sustainable gardener is another option. Commercial green management is at least as important in contributing to our sustainable environment. Sustainable professions and vacancies for a job that contributes to a green living environment. You can work there as a freelancer and as a self-employed person or employee.

As many sustainable jobs as there are in green management, there are so many quality marks for the implementers in this sector. We come up with up to 18 quality marks , each of which has its own focus on sustainability. The sustainable professions and vacancies in green management can almost always be provided with a quality mark that suits you.

3) Solar panels/wind farm technician as a profession.

A sustainable job with a choice of many vacancies in the Netherlands and worldwide. A very adventurous job is solar panels/wind farm technician. You need various technical skills for this. From easy-to-learn assembly techniques to advanced electrical engineering knowledge. 

But above all, there are personal qualities that allow you to succeed in this profession. Sometimes you need to follow specialist training to be able to work at height.

Because both solar panels and wind turbines collect their energy at height, you must enjoy working at height. Working at height, in the sustainable industry, guarantees an adventurous job. To make it in one piece, you need to possess a number of properties. 

You must be able to deal with checks and corrections from colleagues. When you work at height you are always relaxed. And most importantly, you have a passion for getting the job done. The work is always prepared very precisely. Safety comes first, so you sometimes have to work slower. For example due to the weather or unexpected circumstances on site. 

Are you sharp and up for an adventure at all times? Then keep an eye on this blog. We will soon introduce you to Lens Energie. A sustainable company in the solar energy industry.

4) Sustainable profession: organic baker

Sustainable vacancies are hard to find in the bakery world. The baker mainly focuses on acquisitions. But that’s not easy. In 2019 there were about 2000 traditional bakers in the Netherlands. It is expected that about 500 will retire in the next 10 years. 

At the moment we find 19 companies that are SKAL (organic production) certified for producing organic bread.

To become an organic baker by profession, there are a few steps you need to follow. First, you follow a course to become a baker. This is possible with a retraining program of 9 weeks. The career switchers training at the Bakery Institute in Zaandam is an example. You are also in the right place if you are looking for vacancies after your education.


“Boulangerie: in the boulangerie course you learn the process from preparation to end product: mixing, kneading, rising, preparing and baking.”

“Pastry: in the pastry course you have similar process steps and ingredients, but the professional techniques are much broader. The properties of the raw materials are discussed in both courses.”

The program is concluded with an exam that takes three days in total. You make a schedule and produce various products that are assessed for saleability.

From bakery to organic.

To be an organic baker by profession, your bakery must have a SKAL certification. SKAL means “Stichting Keur Alternative produced Agricultural Products”. A baker falls under the inspection for the manufacture of organic products. 

In practice, your company must first go through a strict certification procedure. The products must meet very strict requirements. The organic bakery is subject to extensive annual inspection and supervision. 

As long as you meet these requirements, you can call yourself an organic baker. As far as we are concerned, the most imaginative sustainable job there is. 

from sustainable professions to 5 current vacancies that we have selected for you.

Many new sustainable vacancies have been added in the past 4 weeks. Below are 5 vacancies that support sustainable processes such as the energy transition or the circular economy. They are all up-to-date and came to us within the last month. In chronological order of posting on our website:

Head of marketing at TOMO.

The startup TOMO is the first circular fashion, beauty and lifestyle department store in the world and will open in the spring of 2023. With this first store, TOMO will become a powerful physical and digital platform that can connect beautiful circular brands. TOMO is looking for an all-around marketer who has experience in (fashion) retail and wants to make an impact. (1 week ago)

Sustainable Engineer at Albemarle.

You are responsible for developing, coordinating and/or reporting on ‘Catalysts Process Technology’ sustainability initiatives for a location in Amsterdam. When you are part of the Albemarle team, you contribute to a better future. You play a role in powering many of the world’s largest and most critical industries, from energy and communications to transportation and electronics. (1 week ago)

Director of Innovation at Stadlander. 

Are you a visionary, innovator and socially involved? Do you think in terms of possibilities and do you know how to bring about changes? Don’t you shy away from expressing yourself critically and at the same time do you know how to get others on board? Then the role of Innovation Director at Stadlander, an ambitious housing corporation in West Brabant and Tholen, is really something for you. (1 week ago)

Business unit manager at YER executive.

Do you want to set up a course-determining department from ‘scratch’? Do you have an affinity with green energy and do you enjoy working on innovative projects? Are you commercial but also a ‘people manager’ and a team player with a sense of responsibility? Are you also firmly in your shoes? Then this is really a job for you. You will set up a completely new ‘Electricity & Services business unit, which will determine the course in the long term. (3 weeks ago)

Fundraiser at CNV International.

100% fair work, that’s what CNV International strives for every day in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Do you want to work on improving the position of employees worldwide? And do you enjoy approaching new donors and setting up partnerships? Do you want to work on this in a small team from the Netherlands, together with local partner trade unions? Then we invite you to apply for this job. (3 weeks ago)

Which vacancy or which profession is right for you?

There are plenty of sustainable professions and vacancies for everyone who wants a sustainable life.

You can divide them into professions that are sustainable because of the way they are carried out or the sustainable products you make. Or in sustainable professions that support processes such as the energy transition or the circular economy. It’s up to you to make our world a little more sustainable where your talent comes into its own.

Written by Michel Kleinjan.

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