The B Corp certification is growing very rapidly. According to data on the B Corporation website, there is currently 5680 B Corps worldwide. Divided over 212 different locations with ownership in 10 different demographics.

At the time of writing this article, there are 2224 B Corps in the United States alone. Followed by the United Kingdom with 1353 members.

Hereby a list of B corps in the G7 (Group of Seven) countries:

  • Canada: 618 members.
  • France: 521 members.
  • Germany: 361 members.
  • Italy: 359 members.
  • United Kingdom: 1353 members.
  • United States: 2224 members.

Other countries like:

  • China: 174 members.
  • India: 212 members.
  • Sweden: 130 members.
  • Norway: 93 members.
  • Denmark: 178 members.
  • The Netherlands: 378 members.
  • Belgium: 229 members.
  • Spain: 350 members.
  • Ukraine: 28 members.


Is a B Corp?

Currently, is not a B corp. Although we are planning to become a B Corp member in the near future. We do not have a membership at this moment. We recognize the added value of being part of the B Corporation network. However, at the time of writing, we are working very hard to build into a big player for jobs and freelance work in sustainability.

Sustainable Recruitment Marketing (the company behind is also the owner of and Respectively a Dutch and Belgium platform for jobs and freelance work in sustainability. Based on our experience in the Netherlands we launched our international platform. Although there are some differences between and For the most part we try to do the same thing.

The newest B Corporation Member

At the time of writing the newest member of the B Corporation is a French company called  LA SPEC . The website of La Spec is redirecting to seems to be an online recruitment software company. With a big focus on ethical and profitable recruitment.

The oldest B Corporation member

Mal Wardick Donordigital  seems to be the oldest B Corp member on the list. Certified since May 2007. Mal Wardick seems to be a marketing agency focusing on fundraising and advocacy for nonprofits in the United States.

The biggest B Corporation Members

Interesting to see is some of the bigger names in the B Corp list. Based on the number of employees there are some very big players with a B Corp certification. If we filter on companies with more then a 1000 employees we see some big names popping up on our screen.

  1. Unilever ANZ
  2. Nespresso Global
  3. Danone
  4. Ritual Cosmetics
  5. illycaffe SpA
  6. Too Good To Go ApS

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