Networking your way to a career in Sustainability

Would you like to know how to network your way to a career in Sustainability? Here are some of our tips and tricks on how to get your dream job. Read the Full article and become a new member of an outstanding sustainable company. 

Be out there! Build your network at events

One of the best ways to find the perfect job is by networking! Building your network is all about interacting and making connections; it is an opportunity to make professional contacts and share information and tips. 

There’s more than one way of growing your network; during COVID-19, we had to reinvent our way of connecting with people. One of the best tips to invest in networking from home is to create a presence online; you can connect and interact with all types of people in the industry and make your voice heard. We have examples of social media for that, such as Linkedin, where you can search for jobs, post articles, comment on other people’s milestones, and be part of forums. And nowadays, more and more people are using Facebook and Instagram for professional purposes. We have the chance to be part of groups and consume diverse types of content that can either nourish us and teach us or even be part of a community.

All of those social media also allow us to see what is happening around us, what brings us to the next step to build a successful network: Events! 

It is time again that we can go to online workshops and congress and attend expos and fairs in person.

Importance of events

Because networking is all about connecting, Events are essential, starting with the point that at a suitable event, you will already begin to know what to expect. But the events always reserve some surprises; meeting people with interest in common can change our lives. 

Not every event is networking, but all are opportunities to stand out. And there are a lot of ways to enjoy an event. You can be a speaker, organize your own, be an attendee and even volunteer, And there are many ways to enjoy an event. 

If you are a shy person, don’t worry; usually, all the events will create the atmosphere for networking, with spaces or momentums for that. In a workshop, you can connect with people in the same boat as you and learn from people you admire. At fairs, you can connect with your community, understand what is happening around you, and even support them in buying from the vendors. At expos nowadays, we can have vendors but also speakers, and it is the perfect opportunity to focus on what is in trend for a specific subject. And we also have a congress, when the focus is on the speakers, and you have the chance to connect with big names in the industry. If you are a shy person, don’t worry; usually, all the events will create the atmosphere for networking, with spaces or momentums for that. 

Sustainable Events

Our focus here is also on sustainability; for that, the events are also an educational tool. It’s an opportunity to create awareness and make a statement. 

Most of the events focused on environmental and social issues will have a call to action, and it is a chance to understand how the companies place themselves in that matter. 

And the sustainability of the event is not only about the subject. When the organization chooses to be more eco-friendly, that can be a differential and bring more attention and people interested in that. 

So it is time to start attending events. You can accompany UN meetings for free online and attend Harvard and other University classes. And if you can’t afford in-person events, many community centres and non-profits provide free experiences, and mainly the expo and congress give you a chance to volunteer and enjoy it for free. 

In the next section, there are some events to watch.

Some events to keep an eye on

One topic that we already talked about here at Sustainable jobs is the UN conferences. The Conference of the Parties happens every year, having the next edition in Dubai from 30 November to 12 December.

But the United Nations also have other annual events like the SDG Summit, which will happen in September and the Water conference, which happens this month in New work. The Global Sumit happens in Nova york on May 05. For other UN events, check this link to search by SDG and this one to see possibilities and news. 

Calgary, CA, will host the 10th edition of the Energy, Chemicals & Resources Summit on June 6-8. Canada also is the home of the Planted Expo, which focuses on the latest trends for vegan food in the country, with events in Toronto (April 29-30) and Vancouver (May 27-28).

If you tend more toward tech, you should check the GreenTech Festival Berlin, from 14 to 16 of June. Or even the 2023 Google Cloud Summit series, where you can check sessions from the summit realized in 2022.

Another tip is to search for career fairs! Most universities and city halls would organize a fair with a different focus for youth, green jobs, researchers and general ones. 

The message is that there is an event for everyone, and those are the perfect opportunities to network and build collective knowledge for the next generation. It’s time to be out there again and connect with people with the same interests, which will boost your career. 

Do you feel like you are ready to conquer the sustainable world? Click here and check out all of the vacancies listed.


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