These are the 10 Hottest Climate Tech Startups to work for!

Climate Tech also known as environmental technology is a set of technologies that either reduce or optimize the use of natural resources, whilst simultaneously reducing the negative effect that already existing systems produce. To ensure that the planet and its ecosystems can thrive for future generations. If you want to read more about Climate Tech and how to find jobs within this industry, read our previous blog here!


The United States is the leading country in the number of startups (71,153). A study done in 2017 found that there are 7.3 million people employed by the tech industry in the US and that 6 million are in the private sector. Of the 492,550 tech companies in this country, approximately 394 are public and 492,156 are private. This number is predicted to increase as current data shows how in 2021 alone, Climate Tech companies raised a record-breaking $32 billion, projected to reach $74.64 billion by 2030.

Climate Tech startups are very much needed as there is a dire need for sustainable solutions to the ongoing climate crisis. They are essential due to their efforts of filling knowledge gaps to create a prosperous future with climate-friendly technology.

Disclaimer: There are many exciting startups launching every day and this article will highlight some of the many startups, as all of them cannot be covered. The startups that are listed below are not officially ranked and are listed in no particular order. Let’s get into it!

Top 10 Hottest Climate Tech Startups

  1. Glanris

Location: Tennessee | USA

Glanris has developed the future for water filtration. They have found an ingenious way of using rice husks as high-performance, economical water filtration media. This method is showing others in the water industry that they can play more of an active role in fighting against the water and climate crisis. Glanris is also hitting two birds with one stone, as their patented manufacturing process reduces carbon impact by using rice husks that might end up in landfills. Water as we know is scarce, and there are 1.1 billion people around the globe who lack access to clean water. Therefore, green techs like Glanris are implementing smart and green solutions that can revert to a widespread change.

  1. Feather

Location: New York City | Los Angeles | San Francisco | Austin | Houston | Dallas | Fort Worth | Washington DC area | USA

Ever heard about renting furniture? Well with Feather it is possible! How it works is that you choose your furniture, art, and rugs from over 200+ items, you decide whether you want to rent or buy the chosen pieces and finally, you get your items delivered and assembled for you. Sounds pretty stress-free right? But you are also probably wondering why rent instead of buying.

This initiative is quite brilliant because their simple concept keeps the furniture in homes and out of landfills. On average, city renters move every 1-2 years, tastes may evolve, living arrangements change and budgets fluctuate, and many don’t want to commit to expensive quality furniture so they end up resorting to cheaper alternatives that aren’t built to last. As a result, Feather found that 20 billion pounds of furniture end up in landfills annually. They are working towards a sustainable future and are tackling the logging and deforestation issues through a partnership with PachamaⓇ. On top of that they are proud of their completely carbon-neutral deliveries.


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  1. ZeroAvia

Location: Hollister, CA | USA

ZeroAvia is composed of a team of passionate innovators dedicated to bringing safe, zero-emission flight to aviation. Aviation is the fastest-growing source of greenhouse gas emissions. On top of that, aircraft emit other substances that amplify the warming of the earth. Therefore, ZeroAvia’s mission and other regulators worldwide is to push green aviation and net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Their revolutionary approach highlights how hydrogen-electric can replace traditional engines on an existing fixed-wing aircraft. Not only is this a great green alternative, but it’s also safer compared to conventional jet fuels.



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  1. Urbint

Location: New York | USA

Urbint uses real-world data and artificial intelligence (AI) to assess the risk and impact of potential incidents days in advance and provide the software you need to take immediate preventative action. Urbint primarily focuses on the following industries: Gas utilities, electric utilities, oil and gas, and telecom and cable. They believe it is possible to build a world with zero safety incidents. This is an amazing mission because incidents cost energy and infrastructure companies billions and cause irreparable damage to families, communities, and the environment. Overall, Urbint is protecting workers, assets and the communities they serve. A safer world is a happier world.


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  1. Klima

Location: Berlin | Germany

Do you want to make a positive change in the world but struggle to figure out how you can make the biggest impact? Search no further, the creators of Klima have been in that exact position and found a solution! It’s basically an app where you can make sustainable choices with a simple tap. Klima’s climate app is simple, transparent and fun to use. It makes the users visualize their actions and find ways to offset their carbon footprint. Furthermore, with Klima, you can choose from three of the most crucial solutions for our climate. They focus on nature, tech, and social, whether it’s planting trees or implementing renewable technology or even providing cookstoves to communities who need them, it’s all possible! Want to support all three aspects? That’s also possible!


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  1. Greyparrot

Location: London | UK

Greyparrot uses AI to analyze waste products. Through their AI-powered computer vision software, Greyparrot provides stakeholders with in-depth data insights which were previously not accessible before. This vital information can then be used to optimize outdated ways when dealing with trash. Did you know that we produce over 2.1 billion tons of solid waste each year? Less than 1% of it is audited manually. This can have devastating consequences because much of the waste can actually be recycled. Therefore, the digitization of waste will prevent the mismanagement of valuable recyclables.


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  1. Tykn

Location: The Hague | NL

Tykn provides a blockchain-based ID platform for the socio-economic inclusion of refugees. Tykn understands the limitations refugees have when they do not have an identifying document. This has an adverse effect on refugees as they are unable to access services such as healthcare, education, banking or find a job. These are the basics that any human being should have, yet there are over 1.2 billion people who face these struggles. Tykn wants to create a future of opportunity through digital identity to provide solutions for economies that still employ outdated and weak systems.


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  1. Gourmey

Location: Paris | FR

As we all might know the farming industry plays a major role in pollution which poses risks to aquatic ecosystems and human health. Gourmey has found a sustainable way to replace poultry by creating their own poultry delights from cell cultivation. This means that they grow and produce their own meat in laboratories from animal cells. Starting with a premium product, cultivated foie gras, and using a premium distribution strategy, Gourmet aims to sell its cultivated meat to chefs in high-end restaurants. What a game changer this could be for the food industry once they begin selling mass-produced chicken and duck-cultivated meat products!


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  1. Redwood Materials

Location: Carson City, NV | USA

Redwood Materials primarily focuses on electric vehicles, consumer electronics, grids/storage systems and waste produced from manufacturing processes. So, they use technology which allows them to reuse, recycle, and remanufacture end-of-life products. An example of what they do is taking EV batteries and preventing them from being disposed of improperly which will turn this problem into a valuable material which can actually be used again!


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  1. Scindo

Location: London | UK

Scindo is a cleantech start-up which has found a game-changing solution when tackling the plastic problem the world is confronted with. Scindo developed a special enzyme which recycles the non-recyclables. Specifically, they target plastic that cannot be efficiently recycled with current methodologies. This enzyme turns plastic waste into a high-value molecule which can be used again by industries. They have created a more circular economy for plastic, as plastic does not get easily recycled as some organizations make it seem to be. As a result, Scindo’s solution is an alternative to landfills and incineration.


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