Top 5 Job Boards to find jobs in sustainability

Online Job boards are a fantastic way to find a job that suits your needs. We’ve all heard about websites like Indeed or Monster. These job boards are great for most people seeking a new job, but they have become so massive, making it hard to find something in a specific industry. That is why we have created a Top 5 list of job boards that focus only on sustainability. We hope this will help you find your dream sustainable job!

Let’s start with our own website, shall we? At Sustainable we believe that finding a job in sustainability should not only be convenient, but accessible for everybody as well. This is exactly the reason why we have created a job board that is well-organized and easy to navigate through.

When you enter our homepage, the first option you get is to subscribe to our newsletter by leaving your Email Address. This allows you to receive notifications from us about new job opportunities that have come up as soon as we listed them on our website. When scrolling down, you can look at an overview of all our job listings. You’ll be able to see a brief overview of the job, as well as information about the company. A more extensive job description shows up when you click on the title.

Does this sound interesting to you? Make sure to click the ‘Apply button’. You will now be able to send a motivation letter as well as your resume to the company you are looking to apply for. It is also possible to use filters to narrow down the number of job listings. One of these filters is ‘Category’. There are multiple options to choose from here, such as ‘Management’, ‘Consulting’, and ‘Engineer’.

Yes, we also have a dedicated website for the Dutch market! On we focus on jobs and internships for people seeking a sustainable job in the Netherlands.

The homepage gives an overview of the available job listings. It’s a very simple page, with job titles, a short description, as well as an ‘Apply button’. Do you see a job that sounds interesting to you? Make sure to click on ‘More information’ in order to read a comprehensive description. You can limit the number of results by selecting a specific category, such as ‘Administrative’, ‘Fashion’, and ‘Finance’.

Fancy an internship? Check out our dedicated internship page, which gives you a complete overview of available sustainable internships. We also believe in telling inspiring stories, since we want our readers to be well-informed about different subjects that have to do with sustainability. That’s why we created a blog page with articles such as: “Sustainable clothing and fair production“, and “Companies within the sustainable energy transition“.

Do you have any other questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us by sending us an email!


With offices in New York, London, Amsterdam, and Singapore, Acre is one of the largest job boards when it comes to job listings that are sustainable. The company states that they  “work with the most aspirational businesses with the potential to make real change.”  Acre is truly passionate about everything that has to do with sustainability and climate change. They are aiming to do the right thing for all: clients, society, and our planet.

When you enter the home page, you get the opportunity to select a type of job that suits you, as well as the location, with jobs ranging between Europe, North America, and Asia. By going to the job page, you’ll be able to scroll through all the different jobs. Is the list too long for you? Don’t worry! You can refine your search by selecting filters, such as contract types, business sectors, and locations. This way you’ll be able to make a smaller selection that fits your needs. Found a job you like? Make sure to read the more extensive version of the job description and don’t be shy to apply if you feel like this could work out for you!

Not only will you be able to find loads of sustainable jobs on their website, but they are also hiring their selves as well. This allows you to work a sustainable job at a company that lists sustainable jobs, sounds cool right?


American-based EnvironmentalCareer launched on Earth Day in 1995 to become the first environmental job board. The company provides “ employers and job seekers with comprehensive career, and staffing services in the environmental, sustainability, natural resources, energy, and green jobs sectors.” That’s quite a mouthful, but at least they care about doing the right thing.

As of now, there are over a thousand job listings available on their job page. Luckily, you don’t have to scroll through all of them, because you can refine your search by categories, as well as location, being a specific state in the US. Job titles such as ‘Director of Water Resource Protection’ and ‘Biodiversity Associate’ are not uncommon. Just like the job boards we have discussed prior, EnvironmentalCareer also gives you the possibility to read a more extensive description, as well as the ability to apply for a job you are interested in.


This UK-focused job board is great for those looking to work for NGOs, foundations, or other types of charity-related companies. CharityJob has a list of thousands of jobs that are quite interesting and unique. From “Animal Shelter Manager” to “Philanthropy Manager”, you name it. They offer something for everybody. Don’t fancy looking through hundreds of pages? Don’t worry. The filters CharityJob uses are very helpful. You can select a cause, such as ‘Animal’, ‘Crime’, ‘Environment’, and many more. Selecting contract types as well as workplaces makes it very easy to create a personalized selection of jobs you could potentially be interested in.

Did you find a job you like? Make sure to read the full job description with all the information you need. You can either save a job to your personalized account or simply apply straight away if you feel like the job you just found could work out for you!

Not only do they offer jobs that you get paid for, but CharityJob also has a dedicated volunteering page, which is filled with (mostly unpaid) jobs for people to volunteer for. We think it is great to see that CharityJob also cares about people who are willing to volunteer for causes for which the financial resources are limited.

Last but not least, they have made a career advice page which we think is very interesting. Here you can find short guides about everything you should know regarding your career. Subjects include: How to Make a Good First Impression at an Interview”, “How to Progress Your Fundraising Career, and How to be Happier at Work.”


We hope this overview of job boards has given you a better idea of ​​where to look and what to expect whilst finding a job in sustainability that appeals to you. If we would all contribute to making sure the work we do is truly beneficial for life on earth, it will be a better world to live in for all of us.

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