What are the 10 best paid Green Jobs?

In this article, we will explore high-income green jobs and provide 10 examples with salary expectations per year, average job responsibilities and possible education requirements.

But wait, what is Green Job?

Before jumping into the 10 best-paid Green Jobs, let’s start by defining what a Green Job is. In the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) green jobs are defined as “positions in agriculture, manufacturing, research and development, administrative, and service activities aimed at substantially preserving or restoring environmental quality.” In other words, green jobs are environmental jobs that are aimed to protect and promote the welfare of the planet while also considering the impact on human health so that symbiosis between the two can exist. The outcome of green jobs undoubtedly brings us closer as a society that can flourish for future generations to come. Do you want to read more about Green Jobs? Click here and read our article only dedicated to this topic.

Demand for sustainable jobs is skyrocketing and more companies are taking that step to be committed to the environment. Therefore, more opportunities are created and this has a direct effect on the growth of the global economy.  On top of that, the creation of green jobs will resultantly affect the Paris Agreement by offering relief on keeping the global temperature to well below 2, preferably to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

What are high-income Green jobs?

High-income green jobs are often high-paying because they focus on aspects that require a great deal of work that have a high reward and can change the outcome of the future positively for later generations. These jobs typically consist of leadership roles and niche specialities. Examples of duties performed in green jobs include sustaining ecosystems, maintaining renewable energy resources, building green structures and ensuring the quality of food and water resources.

Top 10 paid Green jobs!

Review this list of the top-paid green jobs and find the job that aligns with your values, qualifications and salary needs:

1. Conservation Scientist

Average salary per year: $61,340

Job description: The duties of a conservation scientist are based on the conservation of the environment; forests and parks. They spend most of their time outdoors, monitoring forestry and conservation practices to ensure that workers and companies are compliant with regulations. On top of that, they assess the risks and find ways to prevent and reduce forest fires. This role would be suited for people who have a passion for nature and enjoy being outdoors.

Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Conservation Biology. A master’s degree in Environmental Science may be preferred for senior roles.

2. Urban Planner

Average salary per year: $73,050

Job description: The duties of an urban planner is very demanding as it entails a large number of daily tasks and responsibilities. Urban planners usually find themselves in cities (where demand is high), however, there are also possibilities to work in rural areas. Urban planners oversee land and create reports in order to find ways to best use the land while taking into account the needs of the stakeholders, the health of the land, the surrounding communities and the given deadlines. They also aid contractors with their expertise in local zoning laws and give them an environmentalist perspective.

Education requirements: Master’s degree in Urban Planning + professional experience

3. Climbing Arborist

Average salary per year: $75,085

Job description: The duties of a climbing arborist are very different compared to the other green jobs listed in this article. Besides having knowledge and expertise about trees, you also need to be physically fit to climb trees and of course not have a fear of heights. Climbing arborists perform maintenance on trees and collect samples and cut wherever needed. Their goal is to get a deep understanding about the tree and their functionality. They will also look out for pests and treat them if necessary to keep them around and healthy.

Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Arboriculture – on top of that a license is needed and onsite job training.

4. Agriculture Specialist

Average salary per year: $75,229

Job description: The duties of an agricultural specialist revolve around using their expertise to guide farmers and other agricultural professions on how to best use and maintain their land. They do this by conducting research and experiments to improve the productivity of field crops and animals. On top of that, they advise solutions that aren’t harmful to the planet or the people and therefore are continuously adopting new solutions.

Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Science, Plant Pathology or Entomology.


Average salary per year: $79,370

Job description: The duties of a hydrologist consists of studying the movement of water and the overall quality of the water. In order to keep waterways clean and safe, hydrologists regularly test waters to identify if any pollutants are present. A typical day for a hydrologist may involve water testing, flow operations, and data analysis.

Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Climate Change.

6. Environmental Engineer

Average salary per year: $87,620

Job description: The duties of an environmental engineer typically revolve around using tools like biology, chemistry and mathematics to tackle and prevent problems that are negatively affecting the environment. These engineers have to analyze data and transform that data into designs that can operate well. Furthermore, they have to track progress and monitor the environment and projects closely and draw up conclusions in the form of a report.

Education requirements: A relevant college degree – at least a Bachelor’s. For example Environmental Engineering, Chemical or Civil Engineering. For a senior-level position, a master’s is recommended.

7. Geoscientist

Average salary per year: $93,580

Job description: The duties of a geoscientist aim to study the physical earth in order to predict environmental events. In addition, they also investigate the Earth’s properties by taking samples in the field and then process and analyze these findings in a lab. This could be used to find underground water resources, natural gas or mineral deposits for example.

Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Geoscience. Although a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science or Environmental Engineering degree may be accepted by employers.

8. Solar Energy (Sales) Consultant

Average salary per year: $101,218

Job description: The duties of a solar energy consultant involve meeting with clients, this could take place at an office, at a work site or even at the client’s home, to introduce them to solar products. More importantly, they will use their professional expertise to assist the client with the right product and encourage them to use renewable energy.

Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Sustainability or Renewable Energy Management.

9. Chief Sustainability Officer

Average salary per year: $107,680

Job description: The duties of a chief sustainability officer is to work with C-suite executives to push companies in a sustainable direction with the goal to minimize the company’s environmental impact. They will identify the issues the company should address and propose achievable solutions while monitoring their progress.

Education requirements: Master’s degree in Sustainability Management, Business Administration, or a relevant field in Sustainability + professional experience.

10. Environmental Lawyer

Average salary per year: $148,910

Job description: The duties of an environmental lawyer vary depending on the level of experience and the position level (junior/senior). The level of responsibilities for environmental lawyers is high and you can expect to work with individual clients, businesses and governmental entities. Essentially, they focus on the laws and rights regarding the prosperity of the environment. This leads to environmental lawyers having to perform research, go to meetings with clients and on top of that go to court proceedings.

Education requirements: 4-Year Bachelor’s Degree & 3-Year Juris Doctor (JD).

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