Where to Find Remote Sustainability Jobs?

Did you wake up today wondering where you could find Remote Sustainability Jobs? Did you try typing “remote sustainable jobs” on Google and get overwhelmed at all the results, wondering which website will link you to your dream job? And suddenly you see the section under People also ask and find questions like “are sustainability jobs in demand” or “Is there money in sustainability?”. Now, doubts might be settling in and you still haven’t found an answer to your original search. Well luckily for you, you have found the right article!

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Sustainable jobs have slowly been skyrocketing and becoming in demand. More people want to have fulfilling jobs that are purposeful. Feel like the work they do is going to benefit themselves and the future in terms of the social and economic benefits sustainable practices can offer. To name a few, sustainability promotes healthier living and we also become better at being self-sufficient which overall reduces our carbon footprint.

Questions to ask yourself

Before jumping into applying for any remote sustainability jobs there are a few vital questions you should ask yourself:

  •  What are my interests?
  • What are my skills?
  • What are my values?
  • What education or training do I need?

The diversity of roles and careers that fall under the sustainability umbrella is very broad. This is good because it means that there are endless possibilities for you and that you can bring forth your own unique talents for good use. But the endless possibilities can also be daunting, so take a moment to reflect and plan the future that you want! Think about those questions thoroughly as they will help you find your niche in sustainability. Now, that you have a better understanding of yourself, your talents and your values also ask yourself:

  • What jobs are contributing to this cause?
  • Which organizations are involved?
  • What role could I play?

Represent the best version of yourself!

Narrowing down the scope will guide you in the right direction and allow you to picture your future more tangibly. Once you know what you really want (from your thorough research), you can start by representing yourself in the best light. Is your LinkedIn up to date? What do your Twitter, Instagram and TikTok look like on the other hand? These days employers are checking you out wherever they can in order to get a complete picture of you. A useful tool you could practise is the 3M rule. The content you upload online should be something you are prepared to show your Mother, your Manager or the Media.

Network as you go!

Next, start networking! Network, network and then network some more! Not only is this free, it also allows you to connect with real people who can share real-world examples with you or connect you to the right person or organization. It is an essential skill for anyone in sustainability and it is how many people are finding jobs in the current employment scene. It doesn’t hurt to have hundreds or even thousands of connections on LinkedIn, especially if you are trying to find remote sustainable jobs. Most likely you will have accumulated a pool of international connections which in return can lead to more possibilities! Woohoo!

Okay, let’s backtrack and answer the question you initially came here for, where to find remote sustainability jobs? Google can be your friend and offer millions of results, however, I can give you a few solid examples to get started. LinkedIn can be your friend when searching for a remote sustainable job. Just be sure to use the search function by typing the keyword(s) that match what you are looking for and to and change the location too remote. The cool thing about LinkedIn is that it has a handy filter that allows you to select the properties that apply to the career you are looking for, give it a try! Already tried LinkedIn and are not happy with the results? Don’t worry there are other sites!

Useful sites

  1. Escape the city mission is to help people quit their corporate jobs and find work that matters to them and the world! I don’t want to give too much away. Their website speaks for itself. Very cool initiative!
  2. Climatebase is another great option with a vast database of sustainable work where you can explore jobs by climate sectors. Similarly to the previous examples, it is easy to fish out the remote options with their filter button.
  3. For Purpose Jobs is inspiring people to use their skills to improve the world. They specialize in creating positive social or environmental change.
  4. Rejobs.org: Rejobs.org is an international job board focused on Renewable Energy Career Opportunities.

Curious about what entry-level sustainability jobs exist? Keep reading!

Job title Company name 
Sustainability Data AnalystHasbro Inc
Engagement Coordinator,Cool Food, World Resources Institute
Project Development AnalystSunPower
12-Month Intern, Corporate Social ResponsibilityL‘Oreal
Climate Research AssociateDepartment of the Environment, City and County of San Francisco
Investment AnalystCalvert Impact Capital
Clean Energy AnalystEdison Energy Group 

*Please note that the following options given in the table above are not exclusively remote work or positions that currently need to be filled* 


Did you think this was the end of the article? Well, you are wrong. Before I send you off to your new and exciting sustainability journey, here are 6 top tips from sustainability professionals!  Find the complete list of tips here.

  1. Be enthusiastic! Demonstrate both professional and personal interests.
  2. Get experience before starting, e.g. voluntary work in the Sector
  3. Set up your own project, nothing looks better on a C.V. than someone who’s taken the initiative to start something, however small.
  4. Sometimes the role that’s needed doesn’t exist yet – Don’t be afraid of approaching institutions and businesses with your ideas of how you can assist them become more sustainable.
  5. Do something you are passionate about; your passion will show off in applications and interviews, standing out from other applicants.
  6. Don’t be afraid; Sustainability roles often require the right personality, not necessarily the right experience. This is particularly true for some niche roles. So even if you think you are not qualified for a role, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply!

Extra Extras!

Okay, this is seriously the last thing I will leave you with. The interesting word of the day is werkze! Werk-huh? Werkze is a Dutch word that consists of two words “werk” and “ze”. Werkze is a common saying that “Good luck at your job!” So it is a way of giving a helping hand. Similar: “Good luck with your work” or “Work well today.” Upgrade your vocabulary today and tell your potential sustainable coworkers Werkze!

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