10 Sustainability Events 2024

10 Sustainability Events you don’t want to miss in 2024

With 2024 just around the corner, we at sustainablejobs.com want to share 10 Sustainability Events you don’t want to miss in 2024. This year will be packed with great events, and with so many of them being worth checking out, we have saved you some of the trouble of researching them all and made a global selection for you!

See which ones are close to you and follow the link to claim your spot. We made sure to include a variety of online events as well so you can join even if you don’t want to travel. So, without further ado… let’s dive right into our personal selection of the 10 Sustainability Events you don’t want to miss in 2024.

Twentieth International “On Sustainability” Conference

We start this list of with the 20th International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic & Social Sustainability, presented by the “On Sustainability Research Network”. In 2024, the conference includes perspectives from Civil Society, Government, and Business.

You will get to explore themes like Ecological Realities, Economic, Social and Cultural Context, and Education. Dive deep into key questions about our planetary existence, out responsibilities, and the challenges we face.

Date: January 24-26st 2024
Location:  University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal + Online
Link to page: https://onsustainability.com/2024-conference

GreenBiz 24

GreenBiz 24 is known as the foremost conference for sustainable business leaders in 2024. And for good reason! An event discussing practical solutions and the latest developments in decarbonization, biodiversity, supply chains, strategic communications, and more. So, recharge your sustainability battery and stay one step ahead your competitors in your career. Don’t miss this event if you want to stay informed and connected within the ever-growing field of sustainable business leadership.

Date: January 19th 2024
Location:  JW Marriott, Desert Ridge, Phoenix AZ
Link to page: https://www.greenbiz.com/events/greenbiz/2024

The 2024 ESF Europe: Energy & Sustainability Forum

Join this year’s Energy & Sustainability Forum in Madrid, supported by CEPSA, if you want to focus on Europe’s transition to cleaner energy and a more sustainable future. Join to learn about how to reduce carbon emissions in the energy sector and the challenge of finding balance between short-term costs and long-term sustainability goals. You will broaden your view on environmental impact, reliability, and (of course) sustainability while learning about collaboration between sectors.

Date: February 19-21th 2024
Location:  Madrid, Spain
Link to page: https://europetro.com/esfeurope

9th annual Sustainability Week

In 2024, the goal of every responsible organization should include implementing a serious sustainability strategy with a positive a return on investment. Packet with innovative workshops, the CSO Leaders’ Club, Action Hour sessions and networking opportunities, this event, offers an opportunity for getting actionable information and starting collaborations that you do not want to miss. You will learn more about aligning sustainability projects benefits for both your business and the planet, with investor expectations. We expect this 9th annual Sustainability Week to provide you with crucial insights for sustainability and environmental improvements in 2024.

Date: March 4-6st 2024
Location:  Business Design Centre, London UK
Link to page: https://events.economist.com/sustainability-week/

Sustainability live 2024

Sustainability live is more than just an event. It is a truly transformative, on location and online experience. The programme includes inspiring keynotes, roundtable conversations and discussions with interactive Q&A sessions held by the most innovative companies and start-ups. With the honourable title of being the No. 1 Voted Sustainability Event among 6 Global Events in 2024, this is something you don’t want to (or need to) miss! This year event features over 280 inspiring international speakers! It is the place to be for insightful discussions and connections that will shape the future of sustainability. Join a location close to you or online!

Date: March 6-7st 2024
QEII Centre, London

Link to page: https://sustainability-live.com

Date: March 19st 2024

Location: From Singapore, Online Conference

Link to page: https://sustainability-live.com

Date: May 14st 2024
Location: From Dubai, Online Conference
Link to page: https://sustainability-live.com

Date: June 3-4st 2024
Location: From New York, Online Conference
Link to page: https://sustainability-live.com

Date: September 10-11st 2024
Business Design Centre, London

Link to page: https://sustainability-live.com  

Edie24 Accelerate the transformation

Join two full days of strategizing, implementation, and collaboration at this award-winning climate action experience! Brining together more then 700 sustainability and business leaders, this event is acclaimed for achieving a direct, positive impact on 92% of its attendees’ sustainability and net-zero strategies! With topics like Strategy, Net-zero, and Action, and with 8 challenge-based workshops, 50 keynotes, multiple case studies, and panel discussions, you will get to enjoy features like live podcasts, one-to-one drop-in clinics, speed networking, and sofa chats. Join this life changing gathering if you want to be part of the courageous business leadership of 2024.

Date: March 20-21th, 2024

Location: London UK

Link to page: https://event.edie.net/forum/home?gclid=CjwKCAiAvdCrBhBREiwAX6-6UkWp-QFMoHbo2NdHW7OLwIvfBCxsi3FIVpOU9IAHpj-i0CuGa8SJCRoCfpoQAvD_BwE

Nordic Sustainability Expo 2024

During two high-intensity days in May, decision-makers from business, politics, and the public sector, together with TEDx speakers, ESG experts, researchers, entrepreneurs, sustainability experts, and more will get together for an unforgettable event in Stockholm. Guided by the global gaols of Agenda 2030, this event challenges you to truly innovative thinking, barrier-breaking, network development, and decisive action. You will have many opportunities to network, start new collaborations, and get inspiration from the full agenda with more than a hundred speakers and 70 exhibitors. Will you join to drive the change towards a more sustainable society?

Date: May 21-22th 2024
Location:  Stockholm, Sweden
link to page: https://www.nordicsustainabilityexpo.se/?sc_lang=en

European Sustainable Energy Week 2024 

This year European Sustainable Energy Week (the EUSEW, hosted in Brussels, Belgium), emphasizes energy policy, efficiency, and union. This event is Europe’s largest and is fully dedicated to renewables and energy efficiency. With this year’s theme, “Accelerating the clean energy transition – towards lower bills and greater skills,” EUSEW aims to shed new light of ways to secure future energy for the continent. Join this event and attend the policy conference, European Youth Energy Day, and the prestigious EUSEW Awards, collectively contributing to the advancement of sustainable energy practices in Europe.

Date: June 11-13nd 2024
Location:  Brussels, Belgium and online
Link to page: https://sustainable-energy-week.ec.europa.eu/index_en

International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD) 2024

This year’s conference has the theme “Creating a unified foundation for Sustainable Development: research, practice, and education.” With that theme it highlights the importance of research in shaping everyday practices, policies, and analytical approaches. The event serves as a forum and idea-sharing platform. It includes research presentations, and multiple discussions on sustainability science that you don’t want to miss! With scholars, teachers, and practitioners from diverse disciplines the conference promises to give a holistic perspective on a wide range of environmental, cultural, economic, and social topics that you don’t want to miss!

Date: September 11-12th 2024
Location:  Roma Eventi, Congress Center, Rome, Italy
Link to page:

Your main sustainable event in 2024

We conclude this list with the number one sustainable job event of a lifetime. Not just any lifetime, but yours! Now that you have your agenda filled for 2024, we hope it inspires you to steer your career path towards sustainability. At sustainablejobs.com, our mission is to help you find a job that has meaning. We continuously host events to assist you in finding a job you can be proud of, not just in 2024 but for years to come! To explore available jobs in your area, join us on sustainablejobs.com, register online, or contact us for additional information. Need help finding your dream job? We’re here for you.

Date: 2024 and beyond! 
Location: Worldwide and online
Link to page:

Written by Marc Wijnja

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