Companies that Make an Impact on Sustainable Food

We have talked about  sustainable clothing brands  before, but in this article, we will talk about companies making an impact on sustainable food. Let’s take a look!


Country: United Kingdom

Founded:  2001

Tea lovers listen up! Pukka  is a brand that offers Fair Trade tea for you and me. They have really gone all the way when it comes to sustainability. Pukka only sources organic ingredients, their packaging is very sustainable, and the company went carbon neutral in 2019. They even go one step further by supporting farmers. Pukka does so by teaching them water-efficient techniques, in order for the farmers to save money. This is a win-win for everybody, and we wish that there were more companies like Pukka who are trying to give back to people and the earth.

The Vegetarian Butcher

Country:  The Netherlands

Founded:  2010

As you might know, consuming meat is not very beneficial for the health of our planet. Not only do animals take up a lot of space, but it also costs a ton of water to produce meat. Dutch company  The Vegetarian Butcher wants to change this. They are doing so by producing plant-based meat, which should act as a substitute for real meat. Their products range from vegetarian meatballs to burgers, and from sausages to chicken. You can basically find every type of meat available, except now it is plant-based. Not only is this better for our planet and animal cruelty but is also beneficial for your own health. It has been proven that a plant-based diet is way better than eating meat.The Vegetarian Butcher ranked number one on the Sustainable Brand Index in the Netherlands, and we definitely recommend you try some of their products!

Tony’s Chocolately

Country:  The Netherlands

Founded:  2005

We just told you about the number-one ranked company on the Dutch Sustainable Brand Index. Well, this one is number two on the list. Tony’s Chocolonely  is a chocolate company, but they want to do it right. The production of chocolate is notoriously bad. Therefore, their mission is to make all chocolate slave-free. The company works in Ghana and Ivory Coast. These two countries show the biggest problems, and that’s why Tony’s Chocolonely wants to make an impact there. Not only are the farmers well paid, but they also make sure that more people benefit from the process. Tony’s Chocolonely has started various projects to help the community in West Africa, which is a great thing to see.


Country:  United Kingdom

Founded:  1975

British company  Alara  is one of the most sustainable food brands in the United Kingdom. They have a variety of products, such as dried fruits and porridge, but they are best known for their muesli and granola. Everything they produce is gluten-free. They are also the first food producer with zero waste, which we think is really impressive. Alara has an entire  webpage dedicated to sustainability , which shows that they find this very important. Make sure to check it out if you want to know what it takes in order to be a truly sustainable company.

Pana Organic

Country:  Australia

Founded:  2012

You don’t want to sit this one out if you have a sweet tooth! Pana Organic  makes plant-based and gluten-free products that are supposed to be delicious. They produce different types of chocolate, drink blends, and frozen desserts as well. When it comes to efforts in terms of sustainability, the list goes on and on. From using sustainable packaging and renewable energy to supporting local and planting trees, Pana Organic really raises the bar when it comes to being a sustainable food producer. It is amazing to see how well thought through everything is they do. On their website, Pana Organic even specifies how to recycle your packaging for specific products. We highly recommend you check them out!

Good Catch

Country:  USA

Founded:  2016

We’ve all heard of plant-based meat, but  Good Catch  might even take it one step further. This American-based company produces sustainable food that tastes like seafood but uses zero ingredients derived from animals. There is actually a lot that they don’t use in their products, such as artificial flavors, palm oil, and synthetic colors just to name a few. So, what is it that makes their food taste like seafood? By using six different proteins – peas, chickpeas, lentils, soy, fava beans, and navy beans – they have come up with a way to make it work. Fishing in an unsustainable matter happens way too often and could have a catastrophic impact on the earth’s ecosystem.Therefore it is amazing to see companies like Good Catch step in with the intention of making a positive impact on the world.


Country:  USA

Founded:  2012

Yet another clever and amazing way to make an impact. Barnana  uses and collects fresh bananas which would otherwise be thrown away because of their imperfections on the outside. They use these bananas to make amazing products, such as chips and tortillas. Barnana purchases these bananas from local and small farmers for over 30% of the market price. By doing so they can make sure these farmers get paid a fair price. It is great to see how Barnana is contributing to less food waste, while also supporting farmers who deserve to be treated fairly.


Country:  United Kingdom

Founded:  1998

You might have seen (or tasted) the healthy drinks of  innocent  before. The company makes juices and smoothies which are being sold in the supermarket. The story of how it all started is actually quite amazing. Three friends from university were selling smoothies at a music festival in London. They put up a sign which said: “ Should we quit our jobs in order to sell these smoothies”? Next to the sign were two bins with yes and no written on them. Customers were asked to vote by throwing their cups away into one of the bins. The ‘yes-bin’ was filled in no time and the rest is history. Innocent is also a  B Corp company .Be sure to taste one of their drinks when you get a chance.


Country:  Austria

Founded:  1981

When you say gluten-free, you say Schär . This sustainable food producer is king when it comes to making all sorts of delicious bread, pasta, and cereals, which all don’t contain any gluten. Lots of people suffer from irritable bowel. Following a FODMAP diet is something that doctors often advise in these cases. Schär has over 20 products that are suitable for a FODMAP diet. We think it is really good to see that companies like Schär offer solutions to people who need them, while also maintaining quality and reachability at the same time. 


Country:  Germany

Founded:  2011

German company  HelloFresh  was set up to reduce food waste by providing meal kits that are very well put together. The ingredients that HelloFresh uses are responsibly sourced by over 1500 suppliers, many of which are domestic. A common theme when it comes to responsibility is the packaging. HelloFresh does its part by developing different ways to package its food with less waste while maintaining quality, freshness, and safety. Make sure to check out HelloFresh, if you might want to order a delicious and healthy meal kit for yourself.

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