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Sustainable clothing and fair production

Sustainable clothing and fair production plays a major role in the fashion industry and is becoming increasingly important. The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. Clothing production alone is responsible for 20% of global wastewater and 10% of global CO2 emissions. That’s more emissions than all international flights and ocean shipping combined!

Due to this fact, large fashion chains are almost forced to make their production of clothing more sustainable. Today we will tell you all about sustainable fashion and where you can score sustainable clothing items!

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What is the difference between fast, slow and fair fashion?

There are three categories within the fashion industry; Fast fashion, Slow Fashion and Fair Fashion. One is more durable than the other. Here we mainly focus on the production of these clothing items. The terms are, of course, fairly self-explanatory. How quickly and sustainably is your clothing produced?

fast fashion

You can recognize fast fashion by the rapidly changing collections in a clothing store. In this way, brands know how to respond to current (micro) trends and thus sell more.

The fast fashion industry is known for the sometimes poor working conditions in factories during mass production. Fashion brands within fast fashion do everything they can to produce many new items as quickly as possible. These items can then be sold by these brands for a number of weeks, after which new items are produced. The entire fast fashion industry revolves around producing clothing as cheaply and quickly as possible.

slow fashion

Slow fashion, on the other hand, is a completely different story. Within the clothing stores that focus on slow fashion, collections remain in the store for a longer period of time and no clothing is wasted. The production speed within slow fashion brands is therefore also considerably lower.

Brands that sell slow fashion often have their clothing produced domestically. This prevents unnecessarily long transport, which of course means less exhaust fumes.

fair fashion

What is the difference between fast and slow fashion and fair fashion? Within the fast fashion industry, brands often want to contribute to the climate. For example, some brands, such as H&M, choose to use sustainable materials in certain clothing items they produce. Some clothing items are also made entirely from sustainable materials. Production at fair fashion is often less polluting for the environment.

Slow fashion brands can also choose to produce their clothing from sustainable materials. Fair fashion is therefore fully focused on the use of fair and sustainable materials.

What are fully sustainable clothing brands?

Now you have naturally become curious about what those sustainable fashion brands are. You have come to the right place for that. Here we tell you about sustainable and fair clothing brands. We focus here on sustainable unisex clothing that is designed and produced in the Netherlands. Which brands and shops can you go to for sustainable and fair fashion?


The first sustainable clothing brand we are going to talk about is Kuyichi .

While exploring the cotton industry in Peru, South America, the founders of Kuyichi were shocked by the poverty and pollution it entailed. They wanted to change this. This is how the clothing brand Kuyichi was established in 2001.

Kuyichi values ​​the use of honest materials and focuses on carefully developing designs. The focus is on timeless items that will last for years in your wardrobe. The high quality of the durable materials ensures that you can enjoy wearing the items for many years to come.

In addition, Kuyichi strives for a completely sustainable and fair production of their clothing. They report that transparency also plays a major role in this. This way they are transparent about who their suppliers are and what they do. On their website you can read all about the partners in materials, fabrics, pure production and trims. Here you will find information about where the supplier is located, how many employees the company has and what product they deliver.

Want to work or do an internship at the cool company Kuyichi? Which can! Various jobs are open on Sustainablejobs within Kuyichi. If you are following a course in e-commerce or communication, sign up for an online marketing intern  at Kuyichi!


The clothing brand Armedangels focuses entirely on the sustainable production of clothing. They state the following on their website:

“Our lifestyle is rotten, from ethics to environmental impact, the way products are made and disposed of destroys everything in its path. From day one we refused to accept this. 15 years ago. Long before sustainability was a thing, we’ve done everything we can to change the system. To make the most radical products on the planet.’

Armedangels attaches great value to circular fashion that is sustainably produced, sold and recycled.

In addition to producing clothing completely ecologically and fairly, Armedangels collaborates with GermanZero to demand a just, more sustainable world. For this they use their influence to fight for this important cause.

If all this is not enough, Armedangels takes its social responsibility when it comes to World Women’s Day. After all, this day originated from protests within the textile industry.

Kings of Indigo

The Kings of Indigo brand is known for its durable and high quality jeans. Kings of Indigo was founded by the Dutch Tony Tonnaer. The brand also produces and sells tops and accessories of high quality. These sustainable clothing items are inspired by American classics and Japan’s eye for detail. Kings of Indigo uses GOTS cotton and recycled cotton. By reusing different materials, Kings of Indigo ensures less water wastage. The brand also ensures that the clothing is produced and transported sustainably.

Kings of Indigo wants to prevent greenwashing. The brand has a partnership with Retraced . Retraced maps the entire supply chain of the brand and thereby excludes all greenwashing. This makes Kings of Indigo very transparent in what they do. They counter false claims about sustainability in the fashion industry.


To whom the TV program 3 op reis sounds familiar, the name Floortje Dessing is probably not new either. Floortje has been able to discover an enormous number of places on our beautiful earth and knows better than anyone how important it is to take action against global warming. This presenter is committed to a better earth, for example by setting up the Nukuhiva concept . Nukuhiva sells sustainable clothing from different brands under one roof. This store sells various sustainable brands, including:

There are a total of 23 sustainable clothing brands in the Nukuhiva store. Floortje thinks it is important that sustainable fashion is also fashionable at the same time. Thanks to this beautiful selection of sustainable brands , Floortje succeeds in achieving this goal. This sustainable store by Floortje is located in Utrecht, Zadelstraat 36. So if you are in Utrecht, be sure to take a look at Nukuhiva and score some beautiful, honest items!


Finally, we are going to talk about Puhashop . The concept of Puhashop was founded by Dutch young people. Meanwhile, about 60 young Dutch designers are cooperating by designing and producing sustainable clothing. In addition to clothing, some designers also design accessories, books, bags and jewelry.

All these designers help with the concept of Puhashop. Puhashop, located in Utrecht, sells the designs of these young talents. How nice that you can shop sustainable clothing and accessories from these young talents in this cool store?

Completely crazy about sustainable clothing?

We got you! Sustainablejobs offers you a range of companies that offer positions within the sustainable clothing industry. For example, one of these companies is Kuyichi, a very sustainable clothing brand that we have talked about in this blog. It is not surprising that your interest has now been piqued. Don’t wait any longer and take a look at the vacancies about sustainable clothing !

Not finished yet? On Sustainablejobs you will find beautiful and inspiring blogs about sustainability and environmental changes. For example, read here about sustainable events to go to in 2023.

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