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The top 10 of the most popular part-time jobs on

The top 10 of the most popular part-time jobs on based on all side jobs on our platform. In the top 10 of the most popular side jobs on, we discuss all side jobs and the earnings that come with them.

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A growing number of sustainable companies are looking for students and interns.

A large part of’s target group are students who want to work in sustainability on a part-time basis. We also notice this in the companies that post vacancies at We are seeing more and more sustainability internships and part-time side jobs on our platform. The reason for this is twofold. First of all, there are more and more companies that try to make a positive impact. In addition, due to staff shortages, companies are increasingly opting for students to fill full-time vacancies with two part-time students. This naturally offers an excellent opportunity for students who want to work within sustainability. Read on for the top 10 of the most popular part-time jobs on

These are a number of companies within sustainability that are looking for students

Based on the vacancy postings on , we have made a list of the most attractive companies that offer part-time jobs.

The Next Closet

The Next Closet is an online platform for vintage and second-hand designer clothing . One of the biggest causes of material waste can be found in your and my wardrobe. We buy too many clothes that we often throw away unjustly later. This while often someone else is happy with it. The Next Closet gives consumers the opportunity to sell used clothes and give them a second life. View the latest vacancies of The Next Closet on their website. The Next Closet is regularly looking for interns and part-time students for various roles within the organization.

Climate Strategies

This organization called Climate Strategies is an international, non-for-profit research network with a large network of researchers and scientists within the sustainability field. Climate Strategies has a large number of internships and part-time jobs available for students. They also look for new talent in the Netherlands via View all recent vacancies on the Climate Strategies website. focuses on vacancies and freelance assignments with a modern character. A large part of the vacancies are from companies that actively try to contribute to a sustainable future. We are always looking for part-time students for the office in The Hague and Veldhoven. For vacancies in social media, sales, digital marketing, content marketing and web design.


Naïf Care is an e-commerce company that operates from Scheveningen, among others, with the aim of making natural care products more accessible to consumers. Various vacancies can be found within Naïf Care, such as internships and side jobs. Including customer support, sales trainees and online marketing. View all recent vacancies of Naïf Care here .

Getting started in sustainability? Here’s what to do.

In many cases, companies choose students for an important reason. And that is that companies are looking for someone with a specific skill for which they cannot hire a full-timer. There are activities that you can only perform with a specific skillset. Often these activities are, for example, a WordPress website, Shopify store, graphic design in Illustrator, Photoshop or Canva or basic web design skills such as html, css and a little Javascript.

You can sometimes follow online courses for this from as little as € 25.00. These courses often last between 8 and 40 hours. After which you are often able to work completely independently with certain software or skills.

These are skills that you can fully master within two to three weeks with an online course and a good iPhone or Macbook. In addition, it is interesting for companies that students are not available full-time. Because the activities described above are often for only a few hours to a few days a week. It is not interesting for a company to hire a full-timer for this.

What can you earn in a sustainable side job?

Salaries can, of course, vary considerably. But are you familiar with any of the above skills? Consider a salary of between €12.50 and €17.50 per hour.

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